Mobile Home 05 – One bedroom

Mobile Home 6.80m x 13.82m (without terrace/decking)

Construction details

  • 70mm thick solid timber wall
  • 100mm void for 80mm celotex insulation
  • 19mm internal T&G timber cladding
  • Internal separating walls 70mm
  • Sidewall height 2200mm
  • Ridge height 3000mm – about 13 degrees
  • Eaves lateral and back 300mm
  • Front canopy 800mm
  • Floorboards 28mm, floorjoist 100mm for 80mm celotex insulation
  • Twin roof 100mm void for 80mm celotex insulation
  • Double glazed doors and windows 4-16-4, float, Low E, factory treated and painted, outward opening
  • Safety glass fitted to double door
  • 1 double externall door 1600*2050mm
  • 1 single externall door 960*2050mm
  • 4 internall single doors 860*2050mm
  • 4 double windows 1200*1200mm
  • 2 single windows 600*600mm

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